Why Hospro?

A survey completed in 2008 confirmed that the hospitality industry had very few productivity and profitability assessment monitors available, and even less were used in a formal way. Many operators relied on informal communication to assess outcomes. Certain significant issues were established from this feedback process, including:


Productivity definition:

Although many operators had productivity tools, few used the term productivity or had clarity about the terms definition.


All productivity tools, systems and monitoring were used for the purpose of increased profitability as the only final long term goal.

Customer satisfaction:

Although profitability was the long term goal, all participants used formal and informal customer satisfaction assessment tools to track and monitor the effectiveness of productivity tools used in their operation.


Hospro is a resource developed by Hospitality New Zealand (formerly Hospitality Association of NZ) and the industry to help operators get access to key data from other operators without sharing sensitive data. The initial sample data included came from over 400 operators throughout New Zealand and the data is added to every time someone uses Hospro and completes the questionnaire involved in the process.


Hospro is designed to allow owners and managers external assessment of business performance and the opportunity to then seek advice, support or confirmation that their practices and approach to resource and staff management is getting the best productive outcome for the profitability of each and every business.